Zo Blij – single – 2014, iTunesYouTubeSpotify – This song about happiness I wrote for my girlfriend when our son was born. Click here to see more about ‘Zo Blij’
Spelen op de radio – performances and interviews on the radio – 2012 / 2013, YouTube
Spelen – CD – 12 tracks – 2011, € 10,- or iTunes, YouTube, Spotify – Cheerful CD with many different artists and instruments. Click here to see more about ‘Spelen’.
Spelen Live – CD – 16 tracks – 2011, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify – LIVE recording in Felix Meritis op 5 nov. 2011.
Lukas’ Liedjes – CD – 9 tracks – 2005, € 10,- or iTunes, YouTube, Spotify – Singer-songwriter songs, written on a borrowed piano during my studies in Delft. Click here to see more about ‘Lukas’ Liedjes’.
Staalplaat – CD – 14 tracks – 2003 – Click here to see all about ‘Staalplaat’.

Goofy in de Snotpot – You came to me

Autumn 1992, high-school band with Olaf van den Berge and Reinder Eekhof.
Performance at “Villa Achterwerk” of the VPRO – Dutch Broadcast
© Lukas van de Vrande 1992

3 responses

  1. de Frank en Gerard song…
    Wel, Frank is er niet meer, Gerard verblijf onbekend.
    Een héél leuke opname!
    Nog steeds tevreden over.


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