Lukas van de Vrande
Studio: Kauwgomballenfabriek
Paul van Vlissingenstraat 4F
1096 BK Amsterdam


Hi, my name is Lukas van de Vrande and I’m working as a math-teacher for WisMon and as a draughtsman for various companies. After my studies Industrial Design & Architecture in Delft and Italian Language in Amsterdam, I started my one-man company in 2006, called Lukas’ Bedrijf (sole proprietorship) with two simple goals: making money to take care of my family and making as much art as possible.

2014 – Present present PRESENT – group exhibition – Kauwgomballenfabriek, Amsterdam (post)
2014 – Moving Stripes 2.1 – solo exhibition – Zeedijk, Amsterdam (photos)
2013 – Walking the dog – group exhibition – Kunst centrum, Haarlem (post)
2013 – opening Gallerie BM41b – duo exhibition with Jenna Tas – Rotterdam (post)
2012 – broadcastings and live performances on the radio with songs of Lukas’ Spelen
2011 – CD release Lukas’ Spelen in Felix Meritis – Amsterdam
2011 – Explore – duo exhibition with Splynter van Everdingen – Antwerp, Belgium (photos)
2011 – start blogging on
2008 – In Beweging – solo exhibition – Amsterdam (photos)
2008 – launch website

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